Nov. 15, 2021

36 - Get the Lesson

How important is it to have good people around you? Who do you spend your time around? In this episode of Serendipity, Ink, and Oak discuss the importance of how the people around you in your circle of influence affect …

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Nov. 8, 2021

35 - Don't Pass Me By

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Nov. 1, 2021

34 - The Source

How do you start your day? In this week's Inky and Oak discuss the importance of having a morning routine that becomes that "anchor" that allows you to have the most productive day possible. They also discuss the importance o...

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Oct. 25, 2021

33 - The Power of Submission

In this episode, Inky and DeMarco discuss the power of submission with a focus on racism and sexism. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Oct. 18, 2021

32 - Grateful Intentions

In this episode, Inky and DeMarco discuss living a life of authenticity and gratefulness. Gratitude is not just an emotion, it's a principle. No matter what happens, whether we're up or we're down, we should still be grateful...

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Oct. 11, 2021

31 - Chasing Ghosts

Welcome to Season 2 of The Serendipity Podcast. In today's episode, Inky and our brand new cohost, DeMarco Mitchell spend some time talking about raising kids that are prepared for the future. Whether you are a parent, coach,...

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Sept. 27, 2021

Serendipity Short

Has something in your life ever gone wrong but it ended up going right? It’s likely that there are difficult circumstances that you’ve had that were excruciating in the moment, but as you reflect on it later, you realize that...

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Sept. 20, 2021

30 - The Season Finale

It is officially the end of Season 1 of The Serendipity Podcast and in this episode Inky reflects on the last 30 weeks. Many times when we meet people, we think that’s where they’ve always been but that’s never really …

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Sept. 13, 2021

29 - Don't Take It For Granted w/ Sinclair Cannon

Inky joins Sinclair Cannon, a father and former collegiate athlete. Sinclair shares candid details about a few serendipity moments in his life that have come together to create the man that he is today.

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Sept. 6, 2021

28 - When We Look in the Mirror w/ DeMarco Mitchell

In today's episode, Inky talks to his eighth-grade math teacher and basketball coach, DeMarco Mitchell. DeMarco, who is now a Principal in Atlantic Public Schools, speaks candidly about his journey as an athlete, coach, and educator and how he uses...

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Aug. 30, 2021

27 - Self-Reflection w/ Tory Dandy

Do you take time to reflect on yourself, your relationships, your decisions, and your life in general? In today's episode, Inky sits down with Tory Dandy. Tory is the co-head and managing partner at CAA Sports Football Division. When he …

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Aug. 23, 2021

26 - Dedicated Patience w/ Coach Flo

"In life, there will be some failures. Everything will not start out right." Today's guest is Coach Flo, Auburn University's Women's Basketball Head Coach. She shares her remarkable story of how she transitioned from athlete to coach, even though she...

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Aug. 16, 2021

25 - Serendipity Moments w/ Ramon Foster

Do you believe that you can live out your goals, dreams, and aspirations in life in spite of the twists and turns life takes? This week, Inky is joined by the individual that was the inspiration for the Serendipity podcast. …

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Aug. 9, 2021

24 - Revealing Your Character w/ Scott Barbour

Today's guest grew up hearing his father say, "Tough times don't test your character, they reveal your character." Inky is in the studio with Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Barbour who shares his life journey that includes changing gears after he...

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Aug. 2, 2021

23 - Experience w/ Robert Ayers

In this episode, Inky is joined by Robert Ayers, a former American football defensive end that played 10 years in the NFL with the Denver Broncos, New York Giants, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Listen as Inky takes you through …

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July 26, 2021

22 - Better Not Bitter

“Your struggle is your strength. If you can resist becoming negative, bitter, or hopeless, in time, your struggle will give you everything.” These are the words of Author, Authentic Servant Leader, Charismatic Transformational Executive, Life...

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July 19, 2021

21 - Slow Down to Speed Up w/ Aaron Walters

In today's episode, Inky converses with Aaron Walters as he shares his journey from being a boy just trying to make some money to be the husband, father, and CEO that he is today. As serendipity would have it, Aaron …

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July 12, 2021

20 - When We Stand w/ Terrence Lester

“Every single person is deserving of dignity no matter how damaged or disrupted the shell that carries it.” Terrence Lester believes that we should not look at the outer appearance of a person to define their worth. In addition to …

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June 28, 2021

18 - Stick to the Script w/ Trooper Taylor

Duke University Assistant Head Football Coach Trooper Taylor joins Inky on this episode to talk to us about how setbacks in life eventually lead to the best comebacks. A believer, he trusts in the Biblical promise that, “All things work …

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June 21, 2021

17 - Hard Work w/ Lewis Caralla

In this episode, Inky talks to Lewis Caralla, the head strength and conditioning coach at Georgia Tech University. In his capacity, his focus is not just about the physical strength and conditioning of the football players. At the core of …

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June 14, 2021

16 - Expected Belief w/ Duke Preston

“If you were to look at your life in the mirror and see your hopes, dreams, and what you want to become, would you say that those hopes and dreams are still what you want?” Those are the words of …

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June 7, 2021

15 - Serendipity w/ Jerod Mayo

This week, Inky talks to former linebacker and American Football inside linebacker coach for the New England Patriots, Jerod Mayo.

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