March 28, 2022

Season 2 Episode #25 - Fortified Faith

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In this episode, Inky an Oak discuss different perspectives pertaining to faith & failure. Listen carefully to learn how having great fortitude will take you places you can’t imagine. 


If you want to be successful keep it simple. Know  what you are doing,  love what  you are doing, and believe what you are doing. 



Intro - Discussion of how and why having  discernment and wisdom serves you greatly in your journey. 


11:32 - Life will deal you hardships at some point of your life. Enduring hardships teaches us valuable lessons in order to prepare us for what we’re asking God for. Nothing is wrong with you for battling those times. 


15:46 - How do you process failure? Can you find the joy in it? Doing so strips the power of failure an the ability to move you spiritually in a negative way. 


22:10 - “The level of success you experience lies in how you process situations.”  - Inky 


38:40- Discussion of the dangers of being driven for validation externally. 


40:44 - Are you not seeing results because of poor preparation? 


44:03 - At some point in life, greatness occurred because of the preparation and mindset that went into into that area. If you’re currently experiencing a rough patch in your life, extract the thought process had during the time period where greatness was prepared for before being experienced. 


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